Monday, February 24, 2014

Booktalking: getting readers hooked on books

Booktalking is not just something that librarians do.
This week we are getting 5th graders signed up to do booktalks to each other.
Here are some of the things we are talking about to make the booktalks great.

What is a Book Talk anyway?

Booktalks can take many different forms, but their main job is to convince someone to read a book

How to create a great booktalk?

1. Find a book you want to tell people about.
2. Read the book closely:
  • Use stickies
    • to jot down questions, predictions, connections, insights about characters or themes
    • to note great passages to read aloud in your booktalk
  • Take notes
3. Ask yourself:
  • What makes this book stand out from others?
  • Why did you like it? (for example: the characters were believable and you related to them or the plot was fast-moving and made you want to find out what happened next)
  • Is there anything interesting about the author? (Many authors have websites you can check.)
  • What is your opening hook to get readers interested?

And never ever give away the ending!!!

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