Wednesday, February 12, 2014

PTO New Book Fair in the Library

This week in the library the PTO is running the new book fair.  The library has been transformed into a hip independent book store.  I have to say I totally love the selection of titles.  Believe it or not I love having the book fair in the library.  Students come to the book fair with their classes and get a chance to walk around and look at books.  And talk about books. And recommend books to each other.  I love hearing what students are recommending and I am having a blast recommending books to students.  This is a fun week to just be totally into books - whether it is Jonathan's Stroud's latest or a beautiful picture book like Journey or a super cool graphic novel of Rick Riordon's The Titan's Curse.  It is all good.  One of the best book sharing moments for me was sitting with a few students as they flipped through the big red hardcover copy of the latest Guinness Book of World Records.  I absolutely adored that book when I was in elementary school.  We had a fun time getting grossed out or amazed with every turn of the page.
-Ms. J.

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