Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Questions? Answers!

From the very first moment I saw this book, I knew it needed to be read in library. A wonderful colleague brought it to my attention and I was thrilled to know about it.  This book is certainly entertaining and humorous so it would be fun to read, but my question was: could it be more?

Questions are one way we begin our quest to understand. When we ask questions we are trying to understand a little better how the world works. We can ask a lot of questions, but where do we find the answers? And are all the answers we find true and reliable?  Good question!

So my 2nd grade students and I read this story and talked about questions.  And answers.  Almost all of Little Miss Know-It-All's answers sound far fetched, but in fact, only about six of her facts are actually "malarkey"... we had fun trying to sort out what was true and what was not.

Also, we took some time to ask some questions - questions we want to know the answers to.  Here are a few examples of typical 2nd grade questions:

Why does the moon look different colors?
What is going to happen to earth?
How much hair does a cat have?
Why are the flag's colors red, white and blue?
Why is water clear?
Who invented pizza?
How high can frogs jump?
Why is the sea salty?
What did the world look like before the world existed?
How does the sun get so hot?

Now we need to get some answers!

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